Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oh How I have missed you...Oh how I have needed you

So after all this time my friend, I come back on my knees begging for forgiveness. I plead with you to forgive me for neglecting our relationship. I fear that there has been too much time and that you have forgotten what we meant to each other.
Please tell me this is not true. Tell me that you remember the moments we shared and the times of laughter that were frequent. Tell me you still want me to tell you all that is in me. That you still want to hear the insanity that is my life.

I know that the fault is mine. That it was me that left you. That I walked away. That my life was the one to get so busy that I would forget the importance of what we were to each other. Yes, I realize I got far more from our relationship than you did. But you still were there.

So here I am, asking that you once again allow me to use you as my ear to whisper in, as my shoulder to lean on, as my sounding board of reason, and as my path out of insanity.

Please welcome me back - as I feel without you my sanity may be lost with no chance of being found.

I am back!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Early mornings.....

I am so very puzzled...yes I know this is pretty normal for me but still. Today was my day to get up with the kids so Husband could sleep in. (Yesterday was my day!)
So what time did I awake? 4:25am. Yep that's what I said. I was awoken before the birds. Before the farmers get up to milk the cows. Earlier then I had to wake up in Boot Camp for Physical training. Earlier than God had intended!!!

Why do my children think this is ok? Silly Pants has pretty much grown out of it. There are days occasionally that he will get up early but it doesn't really bother me, since many days he doesn't wake until 7 or 8. Who woke me this morning??? Mini C! Really child?? I mean he was the one that stayed up till almost 9pm last night. He should have slept till at least 6!! So I had to run and get him, go downstairs and turn on Hi-5. This is his favorite show. I think he would watch this all day long if I let him. No - I do not let him!! Although this morning we watch numerous episodes - yes we have them DVRed! So - today should be interesting. I don't think he will be able to stay awake until noon - when I like him to go down for a nap. Especially since he will be home with Husband. Husband is not that great at keeping him awake at home. He tends to let him fall asleep on the couch. Which really messes up the whole day! Oh well. Whatever happens will happen and I will be the one to make sure it all runs as smoothly as possible. Regardless if I have been awake since before the sun shown down on our home!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm Back & hopefully to stay!

So life is crazy - what's a normal week for me?? Here we go let's see if I can get it all out and not forget anything
Monday's - wake up (usually before 530 thanks to my two blond boys) make Husband his lunch and send him on his way, make breakfast for the boys and myself.
Get Silly Pants to school by 9am. Then drive to church for a 915 bible study/time with other adults that will consist of talking about things other than when they need to go potty or that they got hit with a ball.
After that - either stop by Sam's club for a couple of things we may need (or maybe not need), if BF is off then maybe stop there.
Then off to home to make lunch and open the door so Silly Pants can come have lunch with his brothers. Put Mini C down for nap, Put Monkey down for nap, relax for about 15 minutes with Silly Pants and then to put dishes away. After nap really depends on the day. If it's nice then OUTSIDE they go. With any luck Husband will leave work on time at 4. Get home at around 430 and then dinner time! - Yuck, just realized that I have only written for Monday....

Tuesday's - mornings are the same EXCEPT we have to eat 15 minutes earlier because Monkey has to be at PreK at 845am. On days when two are in school - Target is the goal! When I'm down to one then shopping is so much easier! After doing errands and having fun with Mini C it's off to pick up Monkey and get home in time for Silly Pants to get off the bus - then lunch and naps all over again....

Wednesday's - they can be tricky depending on what the date is. Mornings are like those for Mondays - However is the Wednesday 2nd or 4th of the month then it is off to MOPS right after dropping off Silly. MOPs goes up until I have to race home to be there for Silly. Then it's lunch and nap all over again....

Thursdays - those are much like Tuesdays EXCEPT on these days I know Husband will not be coming home at a normal time - meetings he must attend that go till 4 hold him there and then he must help those who are so helpless!! So he doesn't get home till closer to 530/6 - YUCK!!!

Fridays - very nice and much like Wednesday's except no groups or anything planned - that is the day we will usually plan to get together with a friend or invite someone over... If nothing is planned - it becomes a MOVIE day!!

So the week really doesn't sound to bad but that is a week with no extra things - extra things you ask??? oh yes! There are so many things that get stuffed into the week - here are a few examples....
Doctors appointments
Emergency Doc appointments for ear infections, colds or any other infection
House inspections
hair cuts
Going to BF's to install, remove, replace, move or destroy something
The list is endless - these are just the things I have had to do in the last few weeks...
But let me add - with out counting in all the extras that come up on average for a week with no extras - I put the boys in and out of the truck 31 times. That is in a 5 day span - only counting up until the noon hour...and again - no extra events going on.....

So even with the life I lead and the chaos I live in I am going to try to get back to what I had - a blog about all that is going on in my life, my boys life or just plain irritating me and I feel you should all know about it!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So as many of you know - all of you should actually know - husband bought a boat...a fairly large boat. Take a look - see it? Isn't it perdy??

A little history about this purchase - in a fast as lightening speed rendition - Overtime, debt, overtime, sick, overtime, pay debt, overtime, birthdays, overtime, sleep, overtime pay more debt, overtime, consumer debt free, overtime, BONUS, overtime, what to do with bonus, overtime, got cash, overtime, got the boat!

That's it in a nut shell. So what has he decided to name the boat? Ding Ding you guessed it - "Overtime"

So here is the interior of the cuddy - the sink and alcohol stove and the bed/table sitting area. It really is rather cozy and yet spacious! Oh and there's a porta potty as well - not pictured - we debated on if we would use it - but seriously with 3 boys and a BF - it WILL get used. Thankfully we found a nice marina where we will be able to clean out and fill the gas at so no worries!

So since it is our maiden voyage we had to have a bit of the bubbly!! Well BF & I did since Husband was driving and well we don't need him to get a BUI!! LOL =)

This picture here is of Silly Pants - apparently he was cold and needed to use BF's Disney blanket to hide in. See him?? The big black ball??

Here Prits sits with Mini - he LOVED watching the water and all the waves!
She seemed to enjoy it too!

Here Monkey, Prits & Silly Pants are relaxing in the cuddy. No you really can't see Silly as he was curled in a ball under the blanket - sound like a little deja vue?? lol

The only time Husband would share his chair was when Monkey wanted to sit with him. I am fairly certain that if I had asked I could have had a turn - but why do that to the man? Let him have his moment!!

A large part of the time on the boat was spent sitting with the boys "watching" the water. They were utterly fascinated with it. Go figure!

Here was Prits turn with the two big boys. Just sitting there enjoying the waves Husband was making....I am fairly certain she enjoyed watching the water with Mini a bit more!

When she wasn't laying with boys or watching the water with boys - she found a nice spot on the bow to lay and relax and have a moment alone. We picked her up a yoga mat - so she wouldn't fall off the boat...although at one point Husband sped off and I was certain she was going to roll right in the river!

After a while the boys found the bubble blower that Mini got from Nurse Neighbor for his birthday. We recently found out that all three boys think it is really cool. So needless to say once they found it they used that thing until all the bubble were gone!
Look at him - so focused - had he not needed to go to the bathroom when we got to Harriet Island I don't think he would have gotten out of that chair!

Here is Husband - the captain of the boat - basking in the wonder of what all the overtime gave him!

So be prepared for a summer on the river, lake or even a pond if he can get on it!

Oh and if you wonder - "Jen, why are there no pictures of you?" That would be because I am the only one that takes them - and well I don't really like to sit there requesting them be taken of me - mainly because I love those moments where everyone is just being. So know that I had a fantastic time, loved it and look forward to doing it again!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crazy day at the Childrens Museum...

Seriously why would anyone actually go with me to a place like the Children's Museum? Well ask SIL because the wonderful woman she is came with! I think there must have been a lack of oxygen that day to her brain. I mean the children's museum is not the most relaxing and quiet place a rodeo would have been more relaxing. BF would probably have to ask the doctor for a Rx of something to make it through. It's not even a place of organized chaos - it is just pure and uncontrolled chaos. And yet we all went! Go figure.
Why did we? Because Silly Pants & Monkey had seen that Clifford the Big Red Dog was featured there and wanted to go and see it and play. So we got tickets from Husbands work - don't think I could pay full price for it - just a bit too much - but discounted tickets - I'm in!

Yes I took pictures.....
Our adventure started out with Clifford - surprise surprise! There was this big giant dog dish that Monkey thought was great - it had a conveyor belt to put the dog bones on - he that was the coolest thing. Mini C apparently thought he was the dog food??

here is SIL sitting with Mini at the pretend sand box - it represented Bird Well Island on Clifford - the big boys were unimpressed.

But they did like the music area! Silly on the drums and Monkey on the Xylophone!

After Clifford we headed to the natural area. Silly Pants was a turtle and a raccoon. Monkey really wanted nothing to do with either!
While Monkey and Silly played, SIL showed Mini the aquarium with the live fish and turtles. Does it not make you smile just looking at the two of them together???
After the natural area - we had to take the elevator to the next spot on the list. Mini C practically flew jumped our of SIL's arms to get to the buttons
Our next stop was the water works area -
Silly Pants and SIL started in the bubble making area - she is such a good aunt!
After assisting Silly she took Mini to the toddler water spot. She showed him how the water tubes and balls worked together. Then he seemed to take over and seemed to know just what to do. It was so fun watching him put the ball in one end and purposefully watch the other end for the ball to come out.
Monkeys favorite spot had to be the race way. You take a boat that is provided and put it behind the little door thing. He figured out pretty fast that you had to wait for the water to fill up behind it in order for the boat to go fast and win!! He was so proud when he won.

The last thing that Monkey wanted to do was drive the bus in the little city. Unfortunately a little boy from a school that was there was not willing to share. When he put the hat down Monkey grabbed it. The boy proceeded to tell an adult and the lady tried to get in my face about it. Sorry - Homey Don't Play That! Don't be telling me about my 3 year old when your 6 year old is bullying the kids on the fake flippin bus! Needless to say Monkey got his turn and left happy! Don't be messing with my sweet little man! =) This is the final picture in our adventure. Silly Pants was apparently exhausted from our big day and thought he was rest his body on the ledge while we waited for our elevator to arrive. The day was wonderful - much thanks to SIL who went along and had a smile the whole time! got to love my sister!

Oh and if you are finished reading this and unaware that I had posted one yesterday go ahead and catch up! I will attempt to post a new one each day for a full week. today is day 2! Let the boredom entertainment begin???

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mini turned one! - well obviously over a month ago...oops!

OK OK you can all spank me if ok I may like it you like...Here we got another round of me trying to get back on track!!

Yes, I am aware that my sweet boys birthday was over a month ago. Does that make me a bad mommy? NO! Because we celebrated - I have just been crazy over here that it hadn't gotten done. SO here - pictures and brief commentary of the wonderful celebration!!
Here is my little buy getting ready for BF, Prits & SIL to get to our house for birthday dinner!

Here is the free birthday cake that Kowalski's provides. Mini & Husband getting ready for the chocolate treat he has been waiting one whole year for. It was rather yummy!
Wanna see how much Mini liked it???

As I was adding the pictures I just didn't feel words were needed to explain his enthusiasm for this chocolate delight. The pictures say it far better than I could ever try!
Oh and here's a short video of the enjoyment...yes short.

Here he is opening the present BF got him. Seriously?? Yep - and he LOVES it. The thing gets pushed around the kitchen and sat upon anytime we are in the kitchen...
Here is Princess smiling after complaing that she doesn't take pictures alone. well to bad!
Here we are - Princess, SIL, Prits and myself.
Heres Mini with SIL and also opening his other favorite present the one from his God mother Princess. The STUPID silly frog is loud and abnoxious. But Mini and his brothers LOVE the thing....ugh...the things I put up withdo for my children. =)
Yes I know it's sideways - really didn't have the energy to photo edit - but seriously like you don't know what it says!
Mini C enjoying his birthday party cake from Byerly's! Yummmmm more chocolatey goodness!
So all in all he had a fantastic birthday - he turned one....truly don't know how that happened so quickly. No use denying it though - he truly is 1 and he truly is getting bigger.
Until tomorrow.....